Latest Project: RUNWAY EXTREME

airplane runway is an example for the Video contest I am running together with Ryina. Everyone can participate by sending a Video.

“Runway Extreme” is about imposing the idea of walking the runway onto everyday situations. Unsuspecting bystanders become the guests of a momentary fashion show that starts and ends without warning. Runway in the aisle of an airplane or the grocery store, the plaza… public spaces are transformed into a stage by both the performer and the spectator.

Origin: The highly stylized way of walking the runway is not only part of the fashion world, but also of the Voguing ballroom. This subculture evolved out of the oppression of queer men and women, many of them transgender and most of them of color. Still alive and evolving to this day, Voguing and especially Runway can serve as a tool to make the performed self-confidence and pride a reality through the experience of inhabiting body language.

thank you for the great Support Ryina, La Draganda und PLENVM

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