Project in Transnistria

Today I came back from a two weeks project in Transnistria. I am full of inspiration, touched by beautiful humans, and moved by unforgettable memories.

The first rehearsal in Tiraspol was quite challenging for me and my team. We worked with children and teenager who live in a protectory. Many of them come from a violent surrounding. Among the children was also a lot of agression. After the first rehearsal I could really frame my aims for the following week: creating a choreography where the kids experience different way of touching. We worked a lot with non-touching exercises and later we initiated carefully and voluntary touching. After five days the violence among the children didn’t completely disappear, but we all saw a big change. The manager of the children’s home told me after the end of project (after working five days together with a sharing in the end) she really saw a change in the children.

I am very thankful for Caritas Moldova and Tanz die Toleranz Vienna for putting this beautiful project together, and to trust me with this assignment. As one teacher said: ‘This is not our work, it is our vocation!’

It was such an honor to create pieces together with the children from Rascov and Tiraspol. I will never forget these days in Transnistria, and will keep the memory forever in my heart!

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